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* Talk: Kévin Vermeulen Apr, 2019
* RFC8567 publishedApr, 2019
* Winner, IRTF Applied Networking Research PrizeMar, 2019
* Paper accepted to PAM 2019Mar, 2019
* Guest lecture at UCSCNov, 2018
* Two Papers accepted to ACM IMC18Oct, 2018
* Present at AkamaiApr, 2018
* Chair PAM 2018Mar, 2018
* Attend Dagstuhl CIIDec, 2017
* Paper in ACM SIGCOMMAug, 2017
* Present Best of ACM CCR paperAug, 2017
* Present at CAIDA AIMSMar, 2017

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The CMAND lab at NPS focuses on advanced measurement and analysis techniques for informing network architecture and developing novel solutions to real-world critical infrastructure issues.

Current sponsored projects include:

  • High-frequency topology mapping
  • Tamper-evident TCP
  • IPv6 measurement
  • Network deception
  • Malicious traffic characterization
  • Source address validation measurement

We gratefully acknowledge support from:

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Topology Image
Topology Map of Inferred Highly Dynamic Internet Region
Center for Measurement and Analysis of Network Data | Based at the Naval Postgraduate School
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