CS4538 Mobile Device and Wireless Security (Spring AY2021)

Last updated: Sun May 23 21:03:09 2021
1 Mon 03/29 Class overview: logistics, goals, the "why", course outline L1
2 Tue 03/30 Introduction: Wireless characteristics, 802.11 channels and frames L2
3 Wed 03/31 Introduction: 802.11 MAC L3
L1 Thu 04/01 Lab: 802.11 Lab1
4 Tue 04/06 Introduction: symmetric secrecy, cryptanalysis, perfect secrecy L4 L4a
5 Wed 04/07 Introduction: OTP, XOR, block ciphers L5 L5a
L2 Thu 04/08 Lab: Wifi network eavesdropping Lab2
Lab1 Due
6 Mon 04/12 WEP protocol, authentication, integrity L6 L6a
7 Wed 04/14 WEP: key reuse, birthday paradox, RC4 L7 L7a
L3 Thu 04/15 Lab: Wifi network access I Lab3
8 Mon 04/19 WEP: RC4, FMS key recovery Lab2 Due L9
9 Tue 04/20 WEP: obtaining weak IVs, fragmentation, chop-chop L10 L10a
10 Wed 04/21 TKIP, integrity, and key mixing L11
L4 Thu 04/22 Lab: WEP key recovery, ARP replay Lab4
11 Mon 04/26 WPA, 802.11i, EAP, RADIUS Lab3 Due L12 L12a
12 Tue 04/27 WPA2 L13
13 Wed 04/28 WPA2 (cont) L13a
L5 Thu 04/29 Lab: WEP key recovery II
14 Tue 05/04 Dictionary Attack and Password Strength PS1
Lab4 Due
L14 L14a
15 Wed 05/05 Hash chains L15
L6 Thu 05/06 Lab: WPA/WPA2 Lab5
16 Mon 05/10 Rainbow Tables L16 L16a
17 Tue 05/11 Rainbow Tables and WPA2 L17
18 Wed 05/12 Attacks on wireless clients, MITM, Rogue services L18
L7 Thu 05/13 Lab: Client security I Lab6
19 Mon 05/17 GSM: security and privacy I Lab5 Due L19
20 Tue 05/18 GSM: security and privacy II PS1 Due
21 Wed 05/19 GSM: security and privacy III
L8 Thu 05/20
22 Mon 05/24 Bluetooth: security I L20
23 Tue 05/25 Bluetooth: security II
24 Wed 05/26
L9 Thu 05/27
25 Mon 05/31 GPS: security and privacy I
26 Tue 06/01 GPS: security and privacy II
27 Wed 06/02
L10 Thu 06/03 Lab6 Due
28 Mon 06/07
29 Tue 06/08
30 Wed 06/09
- Thu 06/10 FINAL EXAM
L11 Thu 06/10


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