Center for Measurement and Analysis of Network Data

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Lab Members: Emeritus: Affiliates: Graduated Students: (selected theses available)
  • Lance Alt (Inferring network deception)
  • Guillermo Baltra (High-frequency Topology)
  • Sara Boutwell (Authorship attribution using multi-modal analysis)
  • Billy Brinkmeyer (IPv4/IPv6 Topology Congruence)
  • Guan Yan Cai (Infrastructure geolocation)
  • Greg Cardwell (Mobile network forensics)
  • Joe Catudal (Blind BGP attacks)
  • Ryan Craven (PhD; Tamper-evident TCP)
  • Lee Hsu Ann Daryl (Large graph comparison)
  • Eric Gaston (Rapid IPv6 topology discovery)
  • Keith Gehrke (IPv6 IDS evasion)
  • Dillon Glasser (Topology deception)
  • Jody Grady (Author detection on mobile phones)
  • Matthew Gray (Heuristic-based IPv6 router discovery)
  • Brian Greunke (Large distributed topology emulation)
  • Scott Huchton (A mobile distributed file system)
  • Jason Hughes (SDN-based topology deception)
  • Gokay Huz (Predicting utility of individual measurements; spoofer)
  • Georgios Kakavelakis (On-line real-time transport learning)
  • Blake Lafever (IPv6 Topology)
  • Stephen Marcisak (Infrastructure uptime)
  • Chad Mcdowell (User profiles from traffic)
  • Lorenza Mosley (Infrastructure uptime)
  • Le Nolan (Transport feature discrimination of scam web sites)
  • Nicholas Phua (Inferring network deception)
  • Chris Rapin (Message prioritization for routing in a DTN)
  • Tim Riley (Large log-file analysis for credential abuse detection)
  • Leslie Shing (Deception)
  • Tony Tran (IPv6 geolocation)
  • Sam Trassare (Topology Obfuscation)
  • Mark Turner (IPv6 abusive traffic)
  • Austin West (Topology deception)
  • Dan Woodman (Physical infrastructure mapping)
  • Jerel Yam (CTF traffic analysis)
Center for Measurement and Analysis of Network Data