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  • What: Half-day virtual gathering of IPv6 measurement researchers.
  • Why: Coordinate with the larger measurement community on: 1) where we stand with respect to IPv6 network measurement; 2) what measurement data is missing that would facilitate other network research initiatives; and 3) what IPv6 measurement research would best serve current needs and knowledge gaps.
  • When: Wednesday, June 17, 2020 09:00-12:00 PDT (doodle).
  • Where: The Ether (Zoom meeting info sent to registered participants)
  • Who: Organized by Rob Beverly and kc claffy
Registration: Background: Agenda:
  • Agenda here. Organized around participant interests and topics.
  • Participants are encouraged to prepare a short (10-15min) presentation. Rather than re-hashing previously published work, we encourage presentations that: 1) summarize the current state-of-the-art and highlight open research problems; 2) reassess previous findings and challenge assumptions; 3) present provocative research ideas / directions and/or early stage research / results. All presentations should center on IPv6.
  • The meeting will be held virtually (Zoom meeting info sent to registered participants)
  • A mattermost discussion room will be setup to facilitate async discussion both during and post meeting.
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