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Yarrp is a next-generation active network topology discovery technique and tool designed for rapid mapping at Internet scales. As with traditional traceroute, Yarrp discovers router interfaces and the links between them. However, Yarrp can probe at over 100Kpps and has been shown to discover >200K router interfaces in less than 5 minutes. Yarrp supports TCP, UDP-paris, and ICMP-paris probing over both IPv4 and IPv6. Yarrp is written in C++, runs on Linux and BSD systems, and is open-sourced with a BSD license.



Existing traceroute techniques were designed as a network diagnostic tool for testing a small number of paths, and never designed for large-scale topology collection. Instead, Yarrp enables high-rate probing such that Internet topologies can be mapped in minutes rather than hours.


Yarrp is stateless and randomizes its probing order over the entire IP target and TTL domain, thereby distributing load and minimizing ICMP rate-limiting. Topology reconstruction is decoupled from probing, and can be performed offline. For technical details, please see the Yarrp IMC paper and presentation.


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  • Special thanks to Will van Gulik and AS2613 for Yarrp IPv6 connectivity
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